Check-In, Check Out

1. Is my ID&passport required at check-in?

Yes, we need a government issued ID or a passport as well as a valid credit card at check-in.

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2. What are the standard check-in and check-out times of the hotel?

The standard check-in time is 14:00 hrs. and check-out is at 12:00 hrs.

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3. May I check in the hotel earlier than the standard check-in time?

It is sometimes possible to check in earlier, however, this depends on availability and cannot be guaranteed. If our hotel is full, we may be unable to grant your request. However, you are invited to store your luggage and enjoy the facilities until your room becomes available. 

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4. What if I have to make a late check out? Do you charge for late check-out?

Our check-out time is 12:00. However, late check-out options are available upon request based upon availability at the following rates for Meroddi Hotels rooms:

1:00PM late check-out for no additional fee, given the availability of rooms.

3:00PM late check-out for an additional 40% of the prevailing rate for that room type on that day, given the availability of rooms.

7:00PM late check-out for an additional 40% of the prevailing rate for that room type on that day, given the availability of rooms.

Check-outs later than 7:00PM will be charged the prevailing rate for the full night, given the availability of rooms. 

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5. What if I have to check out of the hotel prior to my scheduled departure date?

If your reservation is a refundable type of reservation, then you have the right to ask for a refund for the amount of money you paid for the nights that you did not stay in our hotel. Please keep in mind that, this option is only valid for refundable reservations. 

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6. Do you have an express check out service?

Yes. Please fill out the form provided in the room and hand it to the front desk cashier.

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7. How do you handle the luggage of the hotel guests?

Guests arriving either individually or in a group are greeted at the front door by the hotel’s Bell person and given a claim check for their luggage. The luggage is then delivered to the guest’s room, once rooms are available. 

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8. Can baggage be stored at the hotel for several hours after I checked out till my flight?

Guests who spend at least one night at Meroddi Hotels can use our storage facility for several hours free of charge, even if they checked out. However, guests will not be allowed to store the baggage whilst they travel to another location in Turkey hoping to pick it up days later.

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